Survival of the Thickest

Survival of the Thickest

I wrote a pretty morose introduction, then realized no one in their right mind would want to read that self-pitying drivel. So here we go again!

I have been a big person for most of my life and honestly? It is entirely my fault. I have eaten what I wanted,  exercised as little as I could and involved myself with the most stagnate of activities. Hell, I enjoyed it. Not worrying about the pounds those fries would add to my hips has been a ball. Of course, there have been times full of cringe, like when I look in the mirror naked or have to try on clothing… but for the most part, I have tried my best to push it to the back of my mind.

This… well.. it isn’t always successful. I will admit to anyone who reads this, right now. I don’t like the way I look. There have been times when I have cried about it (over a slice of pizza). Times when I have seen my reflection and looked away as quickly as possible. Times I have broken down and started a diet.

Ugh, diets. I have done them. Nearly all of them. Weight watchers. Herbalife. No carbs. Less fat. Meal bar diets. Now I wont say I was successful with these (that would imply I reached my target weight, stayed there and this blog is useless) , but I did lose weight with each. The thing is, I would get frustrated when the loss would slow or stop, give it up, and gain all the weight back.

That is basically my background. Leading up to my most current wake up back on Friday, when I weighed myself and spied the lovely weight of 272.5 pounds. Yup. Basically 273. I had gained every pound I have ever lost in a diet, back. I was (am) back to being ginormous. The result ended with me spiraling into self-pity,  curling up on the bed and sobbing as my loving boyfriend held me, offering comforting words. He loves me, he is attracted to me, I am beautiful. All wonderful things to hear, but I sobbed all the same.

When I was done moping though, I realized there was really only one thing to do. Get back to working my ass off (literally) . I wasn’t going to lose the weight, wallowing. I needed to throw out the junk food, restock the fridge and dust my tennis shoes off. It was time to get to work.

It isn’t really inspiring, in fact, I am sure it is quite boring. This is my introduction though and this blog will be my story. The story of how I lost the weight, kept it off and started being a healthy role model for my future children. I don’t have any special diet, I am just going to count my calories and start walking. I bought a fitbit, emptied my fridge, bought healthy food I knew I would eat and I asked for the support of my loved ones. I have few items that already should be encouraging enough (but those are secrets for now).

So wish me luck internet, because my name is Plumptophabulous and I plan to lose 100 pounds in the next two years.






3 thoughts on “Survival of the Thickest

  1. Totally relatable. I too have sobbed those tears, been in misery trying on clothes, etc. My husband also thinks I’m beautiful which I appreciate but it doesn’t do as much when I don’t feel that way myself. Good luck to you! Many of us on this journey here 🙂

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      1. You’re very welcome! I think so too. That’s why I decided to start this instead of only a written journal at home. Even if no one sees it’s OK since it is for me, but even the chance to connect with a few people for support is so helpful 🙂

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