Weekly Update

Weekly Update

A lot of things have happened since I first updated this blog. For one, major thing, I weighed myself Friday and I am officially 10 pounds lighter than when I wrote my last blog (yay!). I walked every day I could (5 out of 7 days) and reached the 10k step goal 4 out of those 5 days, with a total of 26 miles. (I can do better, I know!) .

Last week was a roller coaster, guys. I was hired at a new job, and when I put my two weeks in, my boss gave me an even better offer. So I am remaining where I am but in a much better position. There were also some serious hints about big happenings from a significant person in my personal life(being vague for now, sorrry). All the more reason to look my best.

I have decided something rather big for my diet. I wont be having a cheat day every week. Instead I will have a cheat day once a month. I will, however, allow myself to have a treat now and again (very rarely). This is going to be difficult, but I am under a crunch time. I have decided I want to be at 220 pounds for my birthday. That is 42 more pounds to lose in 157 days. That is about 2 pounds a week. It can be done, but it will definitely be difficult.

Honestly, I would love to reach Onederland by the time I turn 25, but I know that is a bit too much to aim for. That would be averaging almost 3 pounds a week, which isn’t healthy. I would rather lose the weight healthily and keep it off, than force it and gain it back anytime I slip up.

In three weeks I am going to take my pictures again, I can’t wait to see if there is a difference in my pics. I think I am going to aim to lose 10 more pounds before then. I know it is a lot, but these are the first few weeks when the weight really just melts off me. (Been on enough failed diets to recall that). That way I might see a difference. I know I might not though, 20 pounds really isn’t that big of a difference in looks when you are as heavy as I am.

So anyways, here is to another week of dieting. Thank you all for your support last blog, it was very helpful. I think I am going to just try to post once a week. Obviously I am so busy it is difficult to do even that!


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