Chick-Fil-A and Dieting

Chick-Fil-A and Dieting

Chick-Fil-A has a decently yummy kid’s meal. I realized this last night when I found myself in the fast food restaurant, wondering what exactly I would pick that would adhere to my new diet. Poor Patrick was starving, I had dragged him into the city because I wanted a new pair of jeans (a trek over thorny landscape had destroyed my favorite pair just two days ago). He was such a good sport and , looking back, so supportive of me as well. At first I found him quite sullen and quiet, but when I finally pried it out of him (he was hungry!) , I realized he hadn’t wanted to admit it since there was really no place for me to eat around. I insisted we drop by Chick-Fil-A for him. “I think they have calorie counts, and I know they have salads. I will see what I can eat. Don’t go hungry on my account.”

Well, the salads looked delicious, but they were a bit more calorie heavy than I had desired. I had a huge lunch yesterday, with plans to have a snack for dinner. I could have bought a salad and displayed self control (You know, not licked the bowl when I was done devouring the lettuce and fixings), but I realized I was suddenly starving too. How could I not be with that delicious aroma of fried chicken and greasy waffle fries wafting over us? So I studied the menu, much to the annoyance of my dear boyfriend, who knew what he wanted the moment he walked through the door. He was sweet and acted patient, but his hand on my back indicated his desire to surge forward to the counter to get his food.

Finally I settled on the kids meal. It came with a choice of chicken, a side and a juice or milk. The grilled , four piece chicken seemed the least calorie wise (70 calories! Though I have no idea of the fat or sodium, I am sure their site has it) and I paired that with the fruit salad. The juice was never opened, honestly I should have told them to keep it. I think I have given up on juice, everyone. It is just a box of sugar. I would rather have an actual apple.

It was a pretty decent snack. I got my favorite dipping sauce since the total meal was only 130 calories, and since I don’t use much sauce anyways I did NOT feel guilty.

Of course, Patrick choose a sandwich with a generous portion of fries and for most of the meal I sat there in envy, watching him gobble up something I would have loved to join him in. He joked that he felt I was judging him and I joked back that I was. How dare he eat what he wants and still lose weight in our challenge! Oh the woes of being female.

My entire point of the story is Chick-Fil-A has a pretty decent meal for someone on a calorie strict diet.  It was delicious grilled chicken, and if I had more calories to spare for the day I would have gotten the six count. Heck, if I had even more, they do have an adult meal with the grilled chicken that can come with a side salad. Honestly, most fast food places disappoint me when I diet, their salads are sad or really not healthy anyways. I avoid them, which is logical, but when you are out and about it is nice to know there is one place that offers something pretty yummy.

Anywho, yesterday evening was fun. I think the highlight of it was when Patrick and I were driving to my house to go on a walk. I told him “I can tell those five pounds you lost are gone.” .  His eyebrows rose, his back straightened and I swear he had a little smile on his lips the rest of the way home. He doesn’t need to lose weight, I know that, but I think that made him feel really good. I have an amazing boyfriend guys, I don’t think I have met a sweeter man. He is always there to make me feel loved and beautiful. I would not trade him for the world.


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