Weight Loss Update

Weight Loss Update

Well, I am a bit disappointed… and I have no idea why. I shouldn’t be, I know I shouldn’t be. I lost 3 pounds this week, which is over my goal of 2 pounds a week. Maybe because I worked so hard for it, I was hoping for a better outcome, but this is amazing progress! I am hoping writing about it will help.

I think that, perhaps, it is because I really wanted to reach the next tier in my weight, and it didn’t happen. I was one pound away from the 240’s. That just means I will definitely get there this next week, though, right? So I shouldn’t be beating myself up about it. 1 pound away is frustrating, sure, but I am now at 250. That is 22 pounds down! That is amazing!

What is more, I am now only 13 pounds away from the “Staycation”. Patrick and I both really need it too, we have been focusing a lot on work, dieting and his thoughts are constantly on his house (which he is building by hand!).

Speaking of Patrick, he took his belt off the other day when visiting my house to show me how HUGE his shorts are on him. Can anyone join me in my exclamation of “SCREW YOU!” with a simultaneous “I am so PROUD!” ? Seriously, he is barely dieting and is losing weight so fast. It took some egging on, but I got him to pose for a picture. I insisted he didn’t suck in, just that he held his shorts out to show the gap. I want to be able to show him how much he has lost when he reaches his goal. He is already so attractive, I must have an amazing personality!  Right? (kidding, kidding, I am not THAT mean to myself).

I am still refusing cheat days, which kind of sucks. This weekend AGAIN will be filled with temptation. I am seriously sick of being asked out to eat. It is just frustrating because a lot of places offer “salads” and nothing more for a healthy option here. And those salads can be all the way up to 1100 calories! I would rather have a burger! Anyways, my older sister and brother-in-law are coming into town.

Instead of enjoying my shrimp/ cauliflower fried “rice” I planned on making tonight, I will be going out to eat who-knows-where with them. I miss them desperately, but tomorrow I am already going out shopping with her. We already are planning on eating out then, can’t it wait until tomorrow? Unfortunately I couldn’t tell her no when she asked. I love her so much, see her so little… my original plan was to just drop by and catch up before going home, now I am wondering what my options are. I could offer to make a double batch of the rice at my mother’s house? Or maybe I could leave work a bit early, make it at my house and scarf it down… but that sounds impractical.

..MAN, I was REALLY looking forward to that recipe. I have been craving chinese for days! I guess I will make it tomorrow. ( I am definitely pouting, without the shrimp it is only 130 calories for 1 1/4 cups!)

This post is too long. I will write another in just a moment, because I really have more to say.



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