Picture Plunge

Picture Plunge

I took the plunge and had Patrick take my pictures yesterday. The verdict? I see no difference. (Cue eyeroll from Patrick, as he did it with every comparison I made). Well, maybe not ‘no’ difference. My back was a little smoother… but that was it.

Seriously, I had no idea I had so many rolls on my back until Patrick took those pictures the first time. I still have just as many, they just aren’t prominent.

Patrick had to sit me down and remind me: This is six weeks in. It is only 22 pounds down. My plan is to get to my first major goal in 2 years. This is only 5-6% of that time. The next pictures (20 pounds from now) there will probably be a bigger difference. I just need to be patient.

It is frustrating though, 20 pounds now seems like nothing. I was really hoping I would see a bit of difference, especially in the tummy area. Instead I am sitting here wondering how my boyfriend gets his arms around me. (Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic).

Big picture here? I am 18 pounds from 40. That really isn’t that far away. If I continue with my goals of 2 pounds per week, that is only 2 months from now!

My niece or nephew is going to be arriving by December 15th I hear, and after putting a little thought into this… I want to be 215 pounds by that day. That is 35 more pounds in 24 weeks. Following my plan, I should actually lose 48 more pounds by that time (but we are trying to be realistic and there are always slip ups) .

I am ready to be in the 240s. I am sick of the 250s, I feel like I have been here for forever, at least longer than I had anticipated. I wish it was Friday. I made a deal with myself, if I:

A) Walk everyday (9k or more steps)


B) Do not weigh myself until Friday

I can get a pedicure. A treat I don’t normally give myself, it is to get me back up and walking. I think it should be a monthly thing after this though. I am already getting my nails done every two weeks, I can’t afford to get a pedicure all the time as well. Plus my hair… goodness I am high maintenance sometimes…


Love y’all!





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