Mid-Week Updates

Mid-Week Updates

So I am sticking to my diet, but man can it get hard at times. Last I posted I claimed I would be aiming for twelve thousand steps each day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I am lucky to get two thousand steps when I am at work. I decided I should probably elaborate, I am now walking about 5 miles each evening. It is actually not too bad, but since the heat here in Texas is up to 98 degrees around the time I get home, I have had to change my schedule into me waiting until the sun is going down.

I don’t foresee a good weight loss this week though, mainly because I lost so much weight last week. I have done this before and know that my body is probably trying to re situate after losing 4 pounds.

I finally got my measurements, but I only had time for 2:

My stomach is 47.5″

My chest is 52″

It would probably help if I knew what my measurements were before, but better late than never.

I don’t want to get bored in my routine guys, I want to stay motivated. Patrick is doing what he can, but I know he is losing patience when I admit I don’t see a change in the mirror.

Maybe once I reach 40 pounds?

In other news, Patrick’s house is on the fast track. My sister might be moving into town temporarily. My parents bought my 12 year old sister a $1000 phone (what?!? I know! First phone ever, and it cost more than the phone I splurged on for myself! ) . And I really want a puppy.

Random, but I do. The more I walk, the more I want one. Blargh! I know I wont be getting one for at least two more years and it breaks my heart D: .

Bye all! See you guys Friday 🙂


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