Weekly Update

Weekly Update

I know I praised my scale last week, well this week I hate it. I weighed myself this morning, and honestly? I don’t know how much I weigh.

See, the first number to come up made me angry at myself, it was 245.6. Which would mean I basically lost NOTHING this week. I never cheated, I worked out MORE everyday. Why wouldn’t I lose weight?

So it prompted me to step on the scale and see the number again, I just had to know. It read 246 this time. I frowned, got off and went back on. 243.3. Now I was just getting angry. What was my weight? Why was it fluctuating? I stepped on several more times. 245, 244.8, 246.4, 246, 246.2…. WHAT?? I just want to know! Please, just give me one weight.

Well, due to lack of clarity, I have settled with…246. Which means I lost nothing, nada, zero.

I know that this was due, a stall, but it is disappointing. I felt like throwing the scale out of my house. I am now considering buying a new, cheap scale like I used to have. (Before anyone suggests it, I WAS standing in the exact same spot each time. I made sure. I even took the batteries out, reset the thing, zeroed it out and it still gave me a million different weights.) .

I can guess as to why I didn’t lose weight this week. The main one I am not comfortable putting up here, but it is probably the big reason why. The second one is that I did not drink enough water. My office ran out of water bottles/water jugs this week and the tap water is not for drinking. The third is me working out so much. I mean, it is just power-walking, but it is up and down hills the entire time (my neighborhood is just a series of steep hills) . Maybe I have gained some muscle? And muscle does weigh heavier than fat. My last reason is my lack of sleep. I got less and less every day , and I have read that a tired body does not burn as much fat.

It is just frustrating.

The only thing that is keeping me from wanting to just give up is the fact that yesterday my favorite store was having a sale. All of my jeans are too large on me right now, I was down to one last pair and by yesterday they were so big that I was yanking them up every few steps. I realized I was probably between sizes (I was an 18, so I felt I had to be a 17 , a size that didn’t exist. I knew I couldn’t be a 16 already) .

So, with the sale being too good to pass up, I dragged Patrick into town and decided to just go ahead and buy a pair of 16 jeans. I would eventually fit into them, logically. I spent some time perusing around the store grabbing a couple of shirts, looking at the dresses but bypassing them. When we got to the jeans I grabbed a few pairs of 16s, though I had no intention of trying them on. I then grabbed a pair of capris at a size 18, just because I desperately needed a pair and was hoping maybe they would be a little small (sometimes this store’s capris and shorts run small). A saleswoman came and unburdened my arms at one point and saw a shirt I had picked out, she immediately informed me there was an even cuter one in the same style. She went behind the counter and pulled out a gorgeous top, but when she told me it was my size, I immediately realized she had guessed a size too small. Meek old me just accepted the shirt, figuring I would just not buy it.

Then I started trying things on , and this is where the highlight of my week occured. The capris were too big. Way too big. I could feel them falling off as I went to show Patrick! I tried on the shirts I had grabbed and realized they were rather loose and unflattering. In my curiosity I put on the shirt the woman had given me and it fit! Perfectly! My courage was bolstered, I grabbed the size sixteen jeans and- there was NO struggle! They slipped on as if they had been made for me. Upon closer inspection of my reflection I realized something rather …strange. I had a butt.

Don’t laugh, people. I suffered from lack of ass. I have all my life. But in these jeans, I have one, it is small, yeah, but it is there. All those hills ARE doing something! I then grabbed a pair of their capris in a smaller size and , sure enough, they fit like a glove!

I ended up buying a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, three shirts and (unrelated) a pair of shoes. I have already gotten a compliment on the shirt I chose to wore today.

So, while I did not lose weight this week, I can’t get discouraged. There was a huge accomplishment this week, I went down a size! I also measured myself. So I guess, next week?

Also, I would like to remind myself, I lost four pounds last week. Which means I am STILL ON TARGET. I was supposed to weigh 246 per my goals this week. This means I am not behind. I have 2 weeks per my goals to reach 30 pounds lost. That is 4 pounds, which is again, fitting my goals of 2 pounds a week. I can’t let this defeat me.

Well, I will update my blog in a couple of days. See you guys!





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