Weekly Updates

Weekly Updates

Well, I seem to have fixed the issue with my blog not being on the front page. I like this much better, this is not a website or anything, this is my online journal really.

So a lot has happened this week, my mid-week update pretty much vomited all of that out.

So, amazing news! I weighed in at 242 lbs this morning. That is 4 pounds lost this week.  I have officially lost 30 pounds in 9 weeks, that is a little over 3 pounds a week. Super exciting!

Other changes I have noticed? I don’t go wanting when it comes to food. I have developed habits that make it easy for me to resist cheating when I am going out to eat. I look forward to my walks and get grumpy when I can’t take them. I feel better during the day and more energized when I have to go out and accomplish tasks. Not to mention my health issues I used to have with my diet have all disappeared (I am not feeling sick anymore after I eat).  I guess I am actually living a healthy lifestyle and…well, enjoying it!

There are times where I want to slip. When I don’t feel good or when it is so hot outside I could melt. But there are other times like this weekend when I tore through every piece of clothing and threw away anything size 3 (Torrid) and 18/20 (shirts and jeans) that are not work out clothing. Times where I feel liberated, excited, flushed with delight from my progress! These are the times that carry through to when I want to cheat or stay inside.

On another positive note, my exercise mat came in. I am going to start trying to do some strength training now. Maybe once to twice a week, I am not sure. I know I am extremely weak and so I am just going to see how it goes.

I forgot to post the recipe I made last Friday. I LOVED it. It was a lemon shrimp on spaghetti squash noodles. It was delicious, veeerrry citrusy.  Patrick did not like it, so I have discovered yet another thing he doesn’t like. Lemon. The recipe I made the Friday before it was the opposite, so I wont be posting that one, hehe.

I also really wanted to share where a lot of my inspiration comes from: Progress Pics . It is a subforum (subreddit) on reddit. People post only their progress. A search in the tool bar (select ‘search only in Progress Pics’ ) allows you to find people your height and gender that have hit your goals. It is amazing! I suggest anyone looking for further inspiration check it out if they haven’t already.


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