I was in such a good place Friday so why did I struggle so much this weekend? I felt strong, empowered, ready to face any challenge.

I think I posted previously about my landlords selling their house? It isn’t under contract yet, but they are putting it up for sale and want me to keep my house spotless. This shouldn’t have been an issue. It sucks that I am going to have to move. This was my first place, I spent three years making it what it is today. I get compliments on my decor all the time and all because I poured my soul into that house. Still, I understood they want to move to a bigger house because they now have four children in a three bedroom home.

This weekend everything changed though. I was under the impression three years of being a quiet, neat, punctual tenant would foster some level of respect through this process. I was wrong. My landlords have gone from mildly frustrating to full on rude. They do not care about my needs. They texted me at 8 am on Saturday to inform me they put the house on the market that night before and they would have showings every half hour from 11am-7pm. I left my house so I wouldn’t inconvenience anyone. When I tried to call them that evening, they refused to answer. I called and called and called, and nothing. Oh, but they had plenty of time with their phone to text me to either move out or take a discount on my rent, but the discount will only apply if I don’t ever block a showing.

Block a showing , huh? Well how am I supposed to do that when the only lock to my house apparently wont stop any of these random people from coming inside? On Sunday I was ready for another herd of people to come to my door, but I couldn’t leave. The first set of people unlocked my door without knocking and let themselves in. I was on my feet, ready to open the door and nearly got pummeled with it.

Everyone was shocked to learn there was a renter. Even the people who had seen the house on Saturday. What? Someone lived there? (What did you think, that all of my stuff was just for show??) Would I be here if they bought the place? No one told them a renter was here! What was my lease? Why weren’t they told?

I tried to contact my landlords, who ignored me. I texted them and asked them to please have their realtor inform everyone I exist. That people were not even knocking, they were just letting themselves in! NO REPLY.

I am a patient person, but I am going to say it: What the fuck?!? I have been nice, I am nice no longer. Patrick was infuriated when he found out that they could let themselves in while I was home and I had no way to keep them out. He pointed out that I should at least have a chain on my door, that it was unsafe and illegal that I didn’t have an inside lock.

All of this was so stressful this weekend. I just wanted to eat. It didn’t help that my ankle has been hurting so much lately. I tried walking on Friday and gave up 2k steps in. On Saturday I just moped in the evening, feeling exhausted by my battle with my landlords. I just wanted to eat junk food, really. I didn’t, but I wanted to. Last night I forced myself to walk 5 miles, pushing through the pain.

I know this is a huge long rant, but I am not done.

Why are people like this? Why are my landlords suddenly assholes? They act like I want to cause them headaches. I don’t! I am pissed beyond pissed at how they have treated me. The wife had the gall to send me angry text messages demanding me to respond on Saturday, then contact my MOTHER when I didn’t reply…THROUGH FACEBOOK. Why didn’t I reply to texts? Well, I was cleaning and my phone was on the counter. When my mother called me, surprise surprise, I answered on the first ring. I quickly responded to my landlord letting her know that she needs to attempt to CALL before she resorts to contacting my mother! (I am 24 for Christ’s sake! You are 37! CALL, stop hiding behind your text messages!) .

My father and mother are both appalled by my landlords’ behavior. The wife is a daughter of a family friend, that was how we found the rental in the first place. My parents are amazing to support me through this, both promising I will never be homeless. I just want to move out, I really don’t feel comfortable in my own home anymore!

I feel like they have been planning this for awhile too. With replacing my fridge, toilet, temp thing-a-ma-jig (gauge?) and faucet in the last few months and replacing their own HVAC, repairing various things in their house and trimming their trees. Why didn’t they warn me? (they wanted my money, that is why). It all just makes me want to scream.

I guess it is out of my system now. *sigh*



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