Workout as a Weakling

Workout as a Weakling

There is nothing like working out in front of someone for the first time, to make you feel completely self-conscious.

After a week of separation (as it typically goes these days, *sigh* life) I honestly thought I might smother Patrick with my hugs. No man has truly made me feel so loved, so beautiful and so appreciated. I also feel extremely comfortable around him and yet… I waited until he was off showering to start my strength exercises. The thought of him watching me struggle embarrassed me.

I never really explained my work-out routine. I picked a fairly easy one after watching several videos on youtube. I settled on one basically titled ‘Strength Training for Plus Size beginners’ and since I am so weak, it is definitely difficult.

It starts with 30 seconds of planking (elbows and forearms flat on the mat, body held straight, tiptoes pressed to mat, butt down) . Followed by 30 seconds rest. Followed by 30 seconds of push-ups against a bench or stairs, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Ending with 30 seconds of stepping up a two step height on your right foot, and then 30 seconds of stepping up on your left foot. You do all of this three times. Then I have been lifting my 5-pound dumbells about 20 times, an exercise I found online.

I use a step stool for my step-ups. It is 12″ high (about the height of two steps), anti-slip and can hold up to 300 pounds. It is perfect. I think I want to extend how long I do each foot , however, because it is rather easy. I can only assume this is because I have been walking up 1000 step hills at a rapid pace every day, multiple times, for 10 weeks.

My push-ups are something I struggle with. I cant do them against my bench, on the floor, against my tv-stand and I felt ridiculous trying them against the wall. I really have been trying, but I know I have been failing.

Last night, Patrick got out of the shower around the time I was finishing the last of my steps. He cheered me on as I lifted my dumbells (which made me feel both happy and slightly embarrassed). When I finished, out-of breath but proud, I admitted to him my issue with push-ups. He asked to see.

That was how he introduced me to knee-push ups.

Oh my god, why can’t I even do these? I am so weeeeaaak. He coached me through the movements, corrected my stance… but even then I struggled. HOWEVER, these seem more feasible than any of the other attempts. So they are going to replace the push-ups I was trying to do.

I am surprisingly not sore today. I have been moving around plenty and haven’t felt a single protest from my muscles… we will see how tomorrow is though, haha!

I am proud of myself though. I have to recognize that I had NEVER done anything like this to my body, so of course I am going to struggle with the very basics right now. Actually, you know, thinking about it, I really want to do some Strength Training goals. If anyone is reading out there, can you tell me if you think these are realistic?

By New Years I want to be able to do:

  • 5 real push-ups in a row (Not knees, walls, etc.)
  • 30 minutes of strength training
  • Use 8 pound dumbbells instead of 5
  • Plank for 1 full minute without pause

If I get to any of them before New Years, I of course would adjust!



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