Breaking the Barriers

Breaking the Barriers

I have never stuck to a diet past 30-35 pounds. Time and time again I have struggled with  boredom, exhaustion and plain old complacency. I get to the point where I have passed 30 pounds and I start taking short-cuts. Or I start giving up. Or I start letting myself cheat a little more because I am doing so well.

Then it is over.

It is a barrier I have never seemed to have broken. I struggle against it and I think it is partially because I start thinking it will be too hard to lose the next so many pounds.

Well, guys, guess what? I broke the barrier!

That is right. I lost 4 pounds this week. I am officially 36 pounds down! Do you know what that means??

It means:

A) I have surpassed previous diets!

B) I have passed my 35 lb mark!

C) I get to plan my staycation!!!!

D) I am 1.5 pounds away from a halfway mark to my first goal (Onederland)

Exciting news aaaalllll around!

I was so excited that I flopped onto my bed and immediately began to try and figure out how much of a percentage that is. I nearly squealed when I saw it: 13.25%. I have lost 13.25% of my weight since I started this new lifestyle.

My theory is that this time around I truly did change my lifestyle. I don’t cheat anymore. I make healthy choices at restaurants, I get excited about making healthy dinners and I have been trying new ways to make vegetables every few days. I also love working out. I find I get cranky if I don’t get my full walk in. I really have gone far!

I also have learned to celebrate without food. This was a HUGE one. I don’t reward my weight loss with bad food. I don’t reward my promotions with junk. I don’t celebrate family get-togethers by making myself sick on buttery, salty food.

On the other side of the spectrum, I don’t comfort myself with food. This was a far bigger struggle than anything. I would buy stuff like chicken strips with fries and gravy when I had a bad day. I would get comfort from eating. This was harder. I had to rely on my family to help get me over this one and I still feel like it is a struggle.


I had a horrible day this week. Just absolutely terrible. I found myself at odds with my boss who had once been rather friendly with me. In the past six months we have constantly been at odds and I feel it came to a head this week. So when it came time for lunch, the urge to break my diet was there. Just one time, right? It wouldn’t hurt anything.

Well, be proud of me! Instead I asked my family to lunch. We all went to a restaurant I knew I could eat at. I made healthy choices and confessed the entire situation to my parents and sister. By the time I left, I felt amazing. I felt lighter in my heart and light in my stomach! I hadn’t relied on food to make me feel better.

I know it is silly, but looking back on this makes me want to cry. It has just always been a vicious cycle and if I can just shatter it… I could conquer every last goal in my life. I have relied on food for too long above human contact. NO longer!

This is a really great day… I feel amazing!




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