Seeing Progress

Seeing Progress

Does anyone know how hard it is to continue this uphill battle without seeing progress? I cannot be alone. There are times I look in the mirror and all I see is the same fat girl who started this journey three months ago. A lot of people suggest to take pictures and if anyone reading this has read my past posts, I have. I took pictures of my front, back, left, right and face at 272 lbs and 250 lbs. I couldn’t see any difference and it was very discouraging.

I held out though and thank god I did! I took pictures this Saturday for the 35 lb mark (36 truly) and oh my lord! There is SO much of a difference! My belly is slimmer, my waist is actually appearing and my arms are shrinking. My back rolls have begun to disappear, I only have 1 now and it is small! Even my face is slimmer! You know what I noticed in the pictures? My happiness! No joke, my expressions are so much for genuine! My smile is wide, my eyes bright and I am holding myself taller!

I don’t want to post my pictures just yet. I think once I hit 199 lbs I will post them. For now I am just going to privately enjoy the changes.

No wonder everyone has been commenting on it! The crew workers keep asking me things like: Where did Meredith go? Does she still work here? What are you doing ? You are becoming more beautiful!

They smile at me, wink at me, laugh with me. Seriously, I feel the love from the guys out of the office ! ❤

My confidence is lifting everyday. I am so proud of myself!

For once, pictures were really encouraging.




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