Well, time to confess another fear of mine.

I am excited about my weight loss. I love that my body is slimming down, that I feel better. That my mornings seem to be easier, my skin clearer and that my knees don’t bother me any longer… but there is are a ton of fears that come with losing weight. The biggest fear I am holding right now is my skin.

Lets face it, I have been overweight for over half my life. I have been over 240 for the last 6 years (well, off and on). My skin is stretched to capacity and then some. I have stretch marks. I have a big belly. I am trying to lose weight healthily, but even with a steady decline my skin wont have much opportunity to snap back.

I don’t want to lose this weight only to have a a second body of skin still attached to me.

Thinking about the skin issue is discouraging. Seeing pictures of progress on people of my height and starter weight, with a ton of extra skin, is discouraging. Being told “Oh yeah, that is definitely going to be a problem for your stomach. Don’t worry, you can fix it after kids!” . 90% of this battle is to be healthy, but a vain 10% is so that I have an attractive body.

So, this fear came to a head two days ago when I saw how much I have lost. I decided then and there that I was going to do everything to help my skin. I am sure it wont be perfect. I am sure I will have loose skin and that I just have to accept it… but if I can give my skin all it needs so that maybe it wont be AS bad as it could be, I am going to do it! I am already doing strength training, but what about supplements?

So I researched. I read nutritionist sites, I looked up vitamins. I read blogs from previous losers and I jotted my research down. I talked with my mom, who is an all-natural lifestyle person.

So I made a list of products and spent a pretty penny on them. The majority was vitamins. Here is what I bought:

  • Vitamin A (I am watching the dosage and being careful)
  • Vitamin B Super Complex
  • Vitamin C (I have 1000 mg by accident, next time I will buy 500 mg)
  • Vitamin D (Added last minute by mother)
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish Oil
  • Deep Tissue Collagen (Recommended highly by mother)
  • Organic Cocoa Butter (Helps fade scars and promote healthy skin)

I also am looking into purchasing Vitamin K, Selenium and Zinc but I am uncertain. There is also Collagen Creams , but I am already using Organic Cocoa Butter, how much can my skin absorb? Maybe if I did the Creams in the morning and the butter at night?

Anyways, my routine in the evening now consists of walking followed by a hot shower, followed by melting cocoa butter between my palms and rubbing it into my skin. Frick that takes forever!

In the morning I take all my vitamins, which range from teeny to ginormous. I have only done this three days in a row, and have yet to see a difference. Being someone who has always suffered a small bought of eczema, I wonder if all these vitamins will help that. I used to just rely on putting heavy doses of lotion on my body every evening. I replaced the lotion with the butter though.

So, maybe I will not have it as bad as I could. Maybe it will be bad, but I will have the potential for an eventual snap back over the years following my weight loss. I am not sure. All I know is, I am literally doing everything I can to battle this fear.



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