Forty Pounds Lost

Forty Pounds Lost

***First of all, I want to thank every person who has ever ‘liked’ any of my posts. Each like has been encouragement to continue on with my transformation into a healthy, happy woman. So thank you. ***

I have lost 40 lbs in a little under 13 weeks and I feel amazing. When I look in the mirror, I no longer flinch at the body I have. I instead envision the body I am sculpting. When I step on that scale, I no longer fear the number. That number is so meaningless these days! Whether it shrinks or stays steady, I am defeating it!

Scale, you can be a sneaky bitch sometimes, you know that? You have so many of us convinced that your number is of the upmost importance…but guess what? I know better. I know that some weeks your number might not move as much as I want, while others it will plummet. As I build muscle, you try to trick me, but it wont work.

I now weigh 232 lbs. 13 weeks ago I would have told you that I would never make it here, and if I did, I would quit by that time. I look back on my first post here on this blog and I see a desperate, depressed woman with little to no hope.

I know that I still have a long way to go. I have 60 pounds to lose to get to my first goal. I have 33 pounds to reach Onederland. There will still be struggles in my future, but I have lost 40 lbs and hell, I am going to celebrate.

My back feels straighter, my body lighter. I wake up in the morning smiling. Each day I get more compliments from the people surrounding me. I feel their support and their love and it makes me want to jump up and down.

What surprises me the most is how I have come from the mentality of “I need to start a diet.” to “I need to start a healthy lifestyle.” . Cheat days? You no longer exist. What would I be cheating on? I make good choices. I have found that I actually LIKE healthy food. Cooking meals that are not only healthy but filling and delicious is something I look forward to now. I don’t want the chips or the fries or the chocolate anymore. I want to eat light enough that I will feel good when I take my 5 mile walk in the evening.

Jeez, who the hell am I ? I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I am so happy! SO happy that I want to cry.

I know it is only three months in, but I don’t think there will be any going back this time. This has to be the first time I have decided to make a change, and I can actually see myself achieving my goals. I am not going to quit. I feel amazing.


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