Updates Galore

Updates Galore

Not that anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for my posts, but I apologize for disappearing there for awhile. Mostly the apology is to myself. This blog is supposed to help keep me motivated, I post here for a reason and I owe it to myself to continue with this journal.

Don’t worry, I didn’t “fall off the wagon”. I am still going strong on my diet. I just had a crazy week that prevented time fillers like writing for my blogs. Hell, I barely had time to walk and really didn’t walk much last week at all. I had a movie date with Patrick, a work conference that lasted two days, a day to prepare for the Gender Reveal party for my sister and then the day of the party to help throw it together. It was a really fun week, if you can’t tell (that is not sarcasm, I love throwing parties!) .

Long story short about this weekend, my sister is carrying my NEPHEW and I totally cheated. (There was potato salad, is that really my weakness??) . I probably ate about 400 calories over my budget. I don’t feel bad though, one day out of three months? C’mon. That is fine.

I should mention that I officially lost 2 pounds during the 13th week of my new lifestyle. My last post was how I hit 40 pounds lost, well now it is 41 lbs. It is honestly exciting! I feel great. My sister informed me before the party, as she waddled alongside me to buy wine for the guests, that she hoped people knew she was pregnant and not fat. (Uhm, Morgan, you are 5’2″, MAYBE 125 lbs and you look like you are smuggling a watermelon beneath your dress, you look pregnant.) I responded with ‘I hope people think I am fat and not pregnant.’ in a joke, as we both were wearing adorable maxi dresses. She informed me swiftly that she has never seen me this ‘skinny’ and that she is having trouble wrapping her head around the idea of me continuing to get skinnier. A.K.A, no one will mistake me for pregnant.

Well, no one did (I think, haha), but I didn’t get any comments on my weight loss either. I was a bit disappointed, for maybe five seconds when I realized this. However, my excitement over my nephew overcame the disappointment quite easily. You know, these people don’t see me often. I am not close to them. I have lost 40 pounds, but they probably don’t realize how big I had gotten before I changed my lifestyle. I bet once I hit 100 lbs lost, they will definitely notice!

I jogged a bit last night. When I say jogged, I mean for thirty seconds at a time, maybe four times, out of a 45 minute walk. I know, not much, but it made me realize I could do it! I really think I should go buy some nice shoes and a couple of good sports bras, because it was actually FUN!


Anyways, I only have one huge goal this week and I am really, REALLY, going to try and hit it. I want to sleep eight hours every night from today to Sunday. This involves me going to be at 10 pm, waking at six am and doing what I want for an hour in the morning. NO big deal, right? Well, being a night owl this is easier said then done. We will see <3.





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