Updates, Budgets and Vacations

Updates, Budgets and Vacations

Well, again I am late. Not that it matters, haha, but there is a lot to post and not a lot of time to type it all up.

I ended the week on a high note, lost 3 pounds making my total 44 lbs down. I recalculated my goals to match, since at this point I am about 6 pounds ahead of the last time I did such.

I have not been able to walk in the evenings for over a week due to rain. It is just getting worse and I am very frustrated with the weather at this point. However, I am still losing weight. Counting calories, ftw, am I right?

So, moving on to something FAR more important than my weight loss…. my Vacation!!

So in basically 31 days, I will be going to the Beach! WHOO! I realize that I wont have a bathing suit that fits… I wont have shorts that fit… I will still want to diet when I am there and it is only in a teeny condo efficiency… but Patrick and I are over the moon excited!!

Anyways, I will need to try on the bathing suits I own sometime soon, because this year I plan on actually getting in the water… WITHOUT A T-SHIRT (*gasp*!). If my bathing suit fits decently then I wont be buying a new one. If it doesn’t, well crap. I will have to try some on at Torrid.

More importantly, I need to save money for this trip. It should be a relatively cheap trip, but we probably will both be spending several hundred dollars on it. See, usually we take camping trips, so this is our nice trip of the year. I decided a big way to save money is to make an extensive meal plan for the next 30-ish days. This is going to be a very strict meal plan, counting every dollar the recipes require. I have done this in the past, but stopped during the diet. It is kind of difficult to both save money and diet when you want variety.

Long story short, my big goal these next two days is to make an in-depth meal plan for the next 30 days. I will be spending only $50 a week on groceries. Wish me luck!



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