Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Oh Lord, am I tired.

This week went by in a flash, thank god its the weekend because I barely have enough energy to finish this work day. It doesn’t help that my boss called us in to an early morning meeting… and then we didn’t meet! (Don’t ask, no energy to explain.)

I weighed myself today, as per usual, and I only lost a pound this week. I know I shouldn’t be disappointed, but I am. I have to look at the bigger picture here though. I wanted to lose 8lbs this month (2lbs a week). I lost 9. That is great! Last week I lost 3 lbs instead of 2. So it makes sense my body would stubbornly hold onto a pound while silently screaming ‘We had a deal! TWO pounds a week, not 3. I am holding onto this for now!’ .

I think I need a bit of perspective. This really isn’t the time to mope. SO, here are some facts I would like to focus on:

  1. I am 5 lbs away from halfway to my goal.
  2. I have now lost 45 lbs, an amount I have never lost before in any of my “diets”.
  3. I can fit into my favorite pair of jeans (Though, the waist is still pretty tight, I think I will wait another 5 lbs before I wear them)
  4. 45 lbs divided by 15 weeks equals 3 lbs a week. That is way more than my goals. I am doing great!

During my walk last night, I realized I had not thought of what my reward to myself would be for reaching A) 50 lbs, B) 73 lbs and C) 100 lbs. At this point I really need to scramble and figure it out, because 5 lbs could be 2-3 weeks at this rate!

I have a pretty hard time picking out things I want for myself. I have a few rather large things I REALLY want… and then a lot of tiny things that I want. Since my birthday and Christmas are both coming up though, I can’t buy myself stuff that others would buy me. Still, here are the lists:

Big Ticket Items

  1. A puppy
  2. Contacts (No more glasses!)
  3. **Secret**
  4. Trip to Disney World (okay, this is a HUGE ticket item)

Mid-Sized Desires

  1. Nice tennis shoes ($100-200 range)
  2. Prismacolor Pencils


Small Wishes

  1. A menu chalkboard, Examples: This or this or this.
  2. Foot Shower Thing
  3. Shower Mat
  4. Chalk Markers




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