Please Pray

Please Pray

Patrick’s grandmother’s cancer has spread to her spine. Patrick informed me Friday evening that she will not be making it to Thanksgiving. So my heart feels just completely broken for him and his family. She is an absolutely amazing woman. She lives several hours away, but I told Patrick we need to go visit her. Now. I would have given anything to spend more time with my grandmother before she passed.

So we are going this weekend. I will be bringing a meal and I plan on cleaning her apartment, doing some shopping for her and any various errands she needs run while Patrick and his brother visit.

I know Patrick is very sad about this, he has been very quiet ever since he found out. I just want to hold him until the world dissolves away.

So, if you believe. Please pray. If you don’t, please keep him, his family and specifically his grandmother in your thoughts. Thank you to everyone who does.



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