Let the Planning COMMENCE!

Let the Planning COMMENCE!


Hell yeah, he proposed! I have a shiny, beautiful ring on my finger, Patrick is officially my fiance and I have been asked exactly 34 times what the date of the wedding will be.

Did I mention he only proposed on Thursday night? I mean, c’mon people… I don’t know! I have barely wrapped my head around the fact that he is now my fiance, not my boyfriend…and you are asking me when we will marry?

I am so overjoyed by this, of course. I mean, I have wanted to be engaged for awhile. I was just so… overwhelmed. I have been staring at my ring like a fool for six days.

I told Patrick that I was so excited, but that I had a list of things I would like us to do before we say “I Do”. I admitted that, while I don’t want to overwhelm him, these things were really important to me.

  1.  I want us to join Financial Peace and take the however-many-weeks course. We already decided his money and my money will become ‘our’ money. He also seems to be under the impression that I will be balancing bills, etc. Since he has trouble balancing everything in his head and I am a little more list/task oriented. I kind of paused, contemplated, then said “Let’s take the classes, then figure out how we will divide those tasks.” because I honestly.don’t. know. if that is the best for us. I am willing, I mean, I have more bills than him and I handle mine fine, but combining is of course worrying.
  2. I want us to start going to Church and to join a church. This one is really important to me. I have been wanting to join a certain church for awhile, but it just seems like the devil is whispering in my head that, since I have been gone for so long, I don’t deserve to go to Church (I do!). That people would question why I was there (they wouldn’t!). Plus, my social anxiety is blaring that being surrounded by people I don’t know is too scary. Despite all that, I KNOW my parents’ and his parents’ marriages are so strong because of their faith. And I would love a social group of people who don’t mock me for my beliefs.
  3. I would like us to join a Life Group. This one is down the line, but it goes with #2. I would like us to surround ourselves with believers and to study the bible.
  4. I would like us to go to pre-marriage counseling. We don’t have any problems. At. All. Seriously, it is almost weird when I look back. The only two I could find have to mainly do with ME, haha. I am a talker, Patrick isn’t. If I think something is wrong, I want to dig it out into the open until its hashed out. Patrick HATES doing that. He would rather just let it go. So, I really would like us to improve how we communicate.

So, anyways. There are those things. Obviously I put a lot of thought into each one. Patrick was willing and happy for all of them, except the Life Group. He is not good in brand new social settings, I suppose. I think it would be good for us, but I would never force him. Of all four, that is the one I would be most willing to throw out or put on the back burner.

I have to get back on my diet. I ate HORRIBLY on my vacation. I had the best intentions, but by the third day it was like, F this. I am eating! So, I know I am bloated and have probably gained weight. Because of this, I wont be weighing myself until next week. (October 7th). According to my goals, I should be at 215 lbs. Seeing as I kind of weighed myself mid-day yesterday and I was closer to 222, we will see. (Is there REALLY any way I gained 5 lbs in 6 days??).

I have decided that I am going to go buy myself a nice pair of tennis shoes. I don’t know when. I was thinking today, but I have Women’s Ministry. So tomorrow? Nope, dinner with Patrick’s family to celebrate. So Friday? Probably note, my mom’s birthday is today.

Oh, and side note, Patrick’s mother seems a whole lot more excited than mine. In my mom’s defense, my step-granddad is in the hospital and my great aunt just broke her femur, my little sister’s show choir is blowing up… but c’mon! Gosh, the middle child shtick is getting old. I am ready for a little bit of attention. My family didn’t even suggest a celebration dinner. Meanwhile, I have my future mother-in-law jumping up and down, claiming she got some champagne and that she wants to hear about the wedding EVERY DAY!

Maybe I should make a group for her, my mom and my sisters on groupme?

Wait! Back to tennis shoes!

So I should go into town and get some tennis shoes, a sport’s bra and some new work-out clothes (that always spurred me to start walking again). I also have decided I will be getting myself contacts for my birthday/celebration of 55 lbs lost. (wish I had my planner in front of me to figure out all this spending :/) .

My mom and Dad have discussed maybe getting me a gym membership. Uhm, hell yeah! For even a month or two would be great! I am about to be a bride, I need to continue to work my ass off!

And Finally… Patrick called his house ‘our’ house. And my heart melted. He was washing these awfully tacky cups at the beach condo that he had bought (after we broke a glass in my hand the previous night. Yup. Group effort.). He asked me if we wanted to keep them. I laughed (thought he was joking) then reaffirmed ‘No’ (when I realized he wasn’t!). This followed:

Patrick: “But we should start our cup collection.”

Me: “I already HAVE a cup collection. Pretty glasses at that.”

Patrick: “We would keep them as souveniers.”

Me: “I don’t have room for them.” *Note, he lives with his parents and has nowhere to keep them since his house is not done being built, so I am still thinking ‘oh god, these are going into my teeny cabinet aren’t they?’

Patrick: “Our house will have room.”

Me: “Your house will have a ton of cabinet space, but it wont be ready for like four months.” *Obviously I misheard Our!

Patrick: “…OUR house. It is most definitely OUR house now.”

Me: *freezes and just stares at him for a moment before tackle kisses him*


So yeah… and somehow… wait… we ended up taking those ugly cups home! He tricked me!

Lmao. Best. Vacation. Ever.




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