Much Better Updates

Much Better Updates

So last week my update was rather morose. I was having a pretty dark day, I was really depressed by the number on the scale (which shouldn’t matter, I know!). I just wasn’t seeing the scale move.

That night I decided I was going to double down this week. One, I was going to start jogging. I started that night. OMG it was horrible! BUT- I did it!! I decided that I was going to cut back on the tuna and crackers for lunch every day. It was in my calorie range and it is a relatively healthy protein (with a little bit of mayo), but I needed to switch it up for my body. I started having only salad for lunch and dinner. I made sure to still eat the same calorie range and I added a TON of veggies to my diet.

I also weighed myself every day, which honestly I enjoyed far more than waiting an entire week. It made me feel motivated and the scale was actually moving down!

Well, guess what? I lost SIX freaking pounds this week. So my weight stall is over I suppose! My jaw kind of dropped to the floor when I was able to log this weight in. And weighing myself everyday, I knew that it was not a flux of weight loss. I think that, honestly, I had hit some sort of bar. My body was saying “Hey..uhm…no, we don’t want to let go.” and when I doubled down it was like “F-I-I-Iiiine!” and let it go all at once!

In other news, I had to find a shirt for the baby shower tomorrow and I REALLY struggled. Like, I had a hard time finding ANYTHING that I liked. Why? Because I am suddenly in between. See, Avenue, Torrid, Lane Bryant, they are designed for bigger women. I am a bigger woman, right? At least I am “supposedly” in their size range, but nothing fits tight enough anymore. However, going to other stores, I am still too big for their stuff. So I am stuck inbetween.

I ended up getting a shirt and a sweater from Avenue. They aren’t tight, but I think they look nice. They will probably be too big by the time new years hits, but I will get over it.

It is a GOOD problem, I am well aware 🙂


OH, and tomorrow is my birthday! I am excited to say that we will be checking out our wedding venue tonight for my birthday dinner. It will definitely be fun.

Need Motivation

Need Motivation

Or Encouragement.

Or Support, really.

I haven’t lost anything this week. Not really. I can now round to 60 lbs gone, so I guess… there is that.

I am 13 lbs from Onederland. So I guess there is that too.

I weigh 212 lbs. And I should weigh less. Like, 2 lbs less.

I am so disappointed.

There is really not much more to say.




246 lbs (26 lbs Lost)

Chest: 52″

Waist: 47.5″

Right Arm: 15″

Left Arm: 15″

Right Thigh: 25″

Left Thigh: 24″

Neck: 16″


212.6 lbs (59.4 lbs lost) 

Chest: 47″ (- 5″)

Waist: 41.5″ (-6″)

Right Arm: 13.5″ (-1.5″)

Left Arm: 13″ (-2″)

Right Thigh: 21.5″ (-3.5″)

Left Thigh: 21″ (-3″)

Neck: 14″ (-2″)

Total Inches Lost (that we know of): 23″

Wow, I really didn’t think there would be such a difference all around. That is amazing!

I have also now lost around 22% of my original body weight.


Let’s Start Running!

Let’s Start Running!

Or, you know, you don’t have to… but I am going to!

I tried jogging a bit last night. Holy crap. Whew. It felt amazing, but it was also pathetic, lmao. It was also random. I have wanted to start jogging for awhile, but I have been afraid to. My excuses were:

  1. My shoes aren’t good enough!
  2. My boobs will knock me out!
  3. I will damage my boobs!
  4. My bra will bruise my rib cage!
  5. People will think I am a joke!

Okay, obviously a lot of them were breast related.

I have recently gotten some really nice shoes, but I have yet to fix the breasts issue. I am tempted to go to torrid and get a bra, but those are expensive and this month I have already surpassed my spending limit on extra items! Seriously, two baby showers and a party for Patrick’s house and cupcakes for WM and two presents for Morgan and shirts and running shoes… aaack!

Going off topic, my birthday is in two weeks. Here is my wishlist:

YMCA Membership- $50 per month (Start up fee as well?)

Torrid Sports Bra – $60

Torrid Sports Bra – $60

Torrid Active Leggings- $60

Torrid Active Zip Hoodie – $60

Back on topic, RUNNING.

I am going to do the couch to 5k program. I am reaaaally looking forward to it. I have decided I am going to try and go at it without a sports bra for now. We will see how that works!

Looking at my schedule, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday will be my “jogging” days. Eventually I will also be squeezing gym days in as well. I don’t know how this will work, unless I miraculously learn how to wake up early so  I can go to the gym on Wednesday mornings.

Here is the link to the program I will be doing:

According to it, by week 9 I will be jogging for 30 minutes straight. BWAHAHA, yeah right! But I will be trying to hit these goals as best I can! So, theoretically, by Thanksgiving (6 weeks in) I should be able to jog for 8 minutes straight. (keep in mind, the longest I could do last night was 54 seconds) . Yeah. So. We will see.


It’s Aliiiive!

It’s Aliiiive!

Or it will be in two hours. I have not charged my fitbit since who knows when. I gave up on walking with the pain in my feet, but no longer! I have bought brand new tennis shoes (Spent more than a pretty penny on them) and I have no excuse not to walk.

I am going to start with 10k a day and go from there. Patrick has asked that I don’t walk after seven, which I can’t really garuntee, but I am definitely going to try. The only day a week I have an excuse not to walk is Wednesday, when I have my whole Women’s group thing.

**I wrote the above yesterday before work exploded, the rest is from today**

I did walk a little over 10k yesterday. My legs were buzzing until I took a hot shower and laid down. It is getting kind of chilly in the evening (surprisingly) and so I really think I need to invest in a light jacket soon.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I weighed myself this morning. I lost 1 more pound, which pulls me up to 59 lbs lost. I am only 1 pound away from 60 (I would dance if I wasn’t so exhausted this morning).

Speaking of how exhausted I was this morning, I forgot to put my ring on. How the hell did I do that when my wedding is on my mind constantly? I don’t know. I am going to text my sister to see if she has ever done that, because I know she must have, so that I feel better about it. My house is NOT around the corner, so there is no way for me to get it before the end of the work day.

I can’t harp on it, I am way too busy today to worry about it.

So last time I took pictures I had lost 50 lbs. I have already decided I wont take anymore pictures until I reach 199 lbs, so 73 lbs lost. I feel like I might as well wait until I am at 197 lbs, 75 lbs lost, but I don’t know if I will want to wait by that time… though, really, it is only 1 more week. The goal is December 2nd- 198 lbs (Technically 73 lbs lost) and December 9th -196 lbs (technically 76 lbs lost).

So confession time, I am getting pretty frustrated with one thing. My stomach. It doesn’t seem to want to shrink in inches. Maybe everything else is, but right now I have only been measuring my tummy regularly. It has been at 43″ since-

Looking through the blog, I have no idea how long I have been 43″, but it feels like forever. I was at 46″ at 32 lbs down. Nearly 30 lbs later, you would think I have lost more inches around my stomach than 3.

I guess I should take my inches measurements this Friday. Ugh. Maybe I will do it at my mom’s house today even.

The fact is, I have goals for my insurance as well. I posted very early on this blog about how my insurance was charging me eighty extra dollars because of my weight. I was told I needed to hit the following marks for the charge to go away:

BMI: 17.5-31.9 (Translation 203 lbs)

Waist: 38″ or lower (Translation 5 more inches)

And a bunch of lab results. I also have been informed that I will basically be punished the rest of my life by this insurance for being fat. Let me explain, I will have to do yearly labs to prove I stay below that weight. While I understand where they are coming from, I know my family (who uses the same company for their insurance), never had to prove they were in the ideal weight range and will never have to. My father will not have to go to the doctor yearly to prove he is in the ideal range. It is frustrating. So, my choices are, pay for expensive labs yearly or find a new insurance when I have lost enough weight.

And at this rate, 1 inch is 10 lbs. Which seems…impossible and improbable. That would mean to get to 38″ I would have to lose another 50 lbs.

I know that inches go down faster when you get to lower weights. Its just, hard to accept that right now.



Weight Updates

Weight Updates

I am going to dive right in, because it is early and I have little patience these days with how exhausted I have been feeling.

I have lost 3 pounds this week, which brings me up to 58 lbs total loss. I am just blown away by this number. I have worked for it, but at the same time I am thinking : “Wait…what?? How??” .

A few things this means:

  • I am closer to my goal weight (170) than my starting weight (272)
  • I am 2 lbs from 60, 15 lbs from 199 (!?!), 44 lbs from my BIG HUGE GOAL
  • I am on track to be in Onderland by December (This is if I continue making smart choices, as my Birthday, two baby showers and Thanksgiving are before that!)
  • My BMI is exactly 33, and I started at 42. I have move down 9 points!

Yesterday I had to go shopping for a baby shower outfit. Since I am hosting two baby showers this month for my sister, I realized that I needed to just bite the bullet and buy two pretty shirts. Both are casual parties, so I am not worried about being fancy! I found that a lot of the shirts were big. Not in the chest, but in the stomach. This is something I have always struggled with, but as I lose more and more weight, it becomes a bigger and bigger problem!