Let’s Start Running!

Let’s Start Running!

Or, you know, you don’t have to… but I am going to!

I tried jogging a bit last night. Holy crap. Whew. It felt amazing, but it was also pathetic, lmao. It was also random. I have wanted to start jogging for awhile, but I have been afraid to. My excuses were:

  1. My shoes aren’t good enough!
  2. My boobs will knock me out!
  3. I will damage my boobs!
  4. My bra will bruise my rib cage!
  5. People will think I am a joke!

Okay, obviously a lot of them were breast related.

I have recently gotten some really nice shoes, but I have yet to fix the breasts issue. I am tempted to go to torrid and get a bra, but those are expensive and this month I have already surpassed my spending limit on extra items! Seriously, two baby showers and a party for Patrick’s house and cupcakes for WM and two presents for Morgan and shirts and running shoes… aaack!

Going off topic, my birthday is in two weeks. Here is my wishlist:

YMCA Membership- $50 per month (Start up fee as well?)

Torrid Sports Bra – $60

Torrid Sports Bra – $60

Torrid Active Leggings- $60

Torrid Active Zip Hoodie – $60

Back on topic, RUNNING.

I am going to do the couch to 5k program. I am reaaaally looking forward to it. I have decided I am going to try and go at it without a sports bra for now. We will see how that works!

Looking at my schedule, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday will be my “jogging” days. Eventually I will also be squeezing gym days in as well. I don’t know how this will work, unless I miraculously learn how to wake up early so  I can go to the gym on Wednesday mornings.

Here is the link to the program I will be doing:


According to it, by week 9 I will be jogging for 30 minutes straight. BWAHAHA, yeah right! But I will be trying to hit these goals as best I can! So, theoretically, by Thanksgiving (6 weeks in) I should be able to jog for 8 minutes straight. (keep in mind, the longest I could do last night was 54 seconds) . Yeah. So. We will see.



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