Much Better Updates

Much Better Updates

So last week my update was rather morose. I was having a pretty dark day, I was really depressed by the number on the scale (which shouldn’t matter, I know!). I just wasn’t seeing the scale move.

That night I decided I was going to double down this week. One, I was going to start jogging. I started that night. OMG it was horrible! BUT- I did it!! I decided that I was going to cut back on the tuna and crackers for lunch every day. It was in my calorie range and it is a relatively healthy protein (with a little bit of mayo), but I needed to switch it up for my body. I started having only salad for lunch and dinner. I made sure to still eat the same calorie range and I added a TON of veggies to my diet.

I also weighed myself every day, which honestly I enjoyed far more than waiting an entire week. It made me feel motivated and the scale was actually moving down!

Well, guess what? I lost SIX freaking pounds this week. So my weight stall is over I suppose! My jaw kind of dropped to the floor when I was able to log this weight in. And weighing myself everyday, I knew that it was not a flux of weight loss. I think that, honestly, I had hit some sort of bar. My body was saying “Hey..uhm…no, we don’t want to let go.” and when I doubled down it was like “F-I-I-Iiiine!” and let it go all at once!

In other news, I had to find a shirt for the baby shower tomorrow and I REALLY struggled. Like, I had a hard time finding ANYTHING that I liked. Why? Because I am suddenly in between. See, Avenue, Torrid, Lane Bryant, they are designed for bigger women. I am a bigger woman, right? At least I am “supposedly” in their size range, but nothing fits tight enough anymore. However, going to other stores, I am still too big for their stuff. So I am stuck inbetween.

I ended up getting a shirt and a sweater from Avenue. They aren’t tight, but I think they look nice. They will probably be too big by the time new years hits, but I will get over it.

It is a GOOD problem, I am well aware šŸ™‚


OH, and tomorrow is my birthday! I am excited to say that we will be checking out our wedding venue tonight for my birthday dinner. It will definitely be fun.


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