31 Days ’till Onederland

31 Days ’till Onederland

But no pressure, Meredith.

I know I shouldn’t set such a strict goal so close, but back when I started I figured I could reach Onederland by New Years. Then, as my weight loss sped forward, I realized that by losing at least 2 lbs every week I would reach it by December 2nd. I have stuck to that pretty well, and I am on the right track for it.

A little summation of this weekend, I did AWFUL when it came to what I put in my body, but my defense is- well, it isn’t a defense… It was my birthday! On Friday we went out for it. I feel like I did relatively well for my birthday dinner… but then it was Saturday and there was a baby shower. No biggie, I will eat a salad right? Oh, the salad is either a chopped lettuce mixed with hundreds of pieces of corn or drenched in Parmesan and fatty dressing? Okay, I will eat a slice of pizza… Then,  Saturday evening, we go to a halloween party. My friend made me birthday cupcakes?? That is so sweet! I can’t not have one, right? And the only food is potato skins, bagel bites, chips, etc? I was starving, so of course I ate badly. Then Sunday rolls around, we go out and get chicken fajitas, I eat relatively well (if not a lot of sodium, but that isn’t horrible for you, just makes you retain water). When we get home the cravings for chocolate hit. Well, usually I wouldn’t have chocolate, but I have a surplus of caramel apples I made for the parties that no one took. Soooo, we each eat an apple.

Ohmahgawd I am amazing at making candy. Not to toot my own horn, but YUM.

Soooo… I will probably have gained a pound this week. BUT, I wont be upset about that, I lost 6 pounds last week and that is way too fast to lose 6 pounds. If I gain a pound I will know it is just temporary, that pound will go away. My body is readjusting, blah blah blah.

Back to the Onederland, even if I weigh 207 lbs by this Friday I will still be on track. The one big risk factor here is Thanksgiving. I have to make a battle plan for this holiday as it is (as most people know) one of the two hardest holidays to survive diet wise. I am supposed to weigh 201 lbs the next day and I don’t want to weigh anything else but those 201 lbs. As far as I know, that is 5 lbs away.

I could always weigh myself Thanksgiving morning and not on Friday, but there wont be accountability. I think I am going to plan on having my morning shake, no snacks (maybe carrots and celery?) and I might even be doing some cooking myself so that I can avoid the main temptations. Mine are the stuffing, the mashed potatoes and the green bean casserole.

Since we are 31 days away, I would like to challenge myself. Lets see if I can reach a 30 day streak of walking, blogging, etc.

OH! And my parents gifted me 6 months at the gym for my Birthday, so I need to begin going to the gym as well. I was thinking about starting that this week, but it looks like next week might be better.




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