Back And Better Than Ever

Back And Better Than Ever

Well, not ever. Because the truth is, I hit 94 lbs lost a little over a week ago, and then I let everything unravel for the last ten days and I have no idea how much I weigh now. It WAS 178. I was in the 70s!!

I needed a kick in the butt again. My best friend shook me yesterday when she told me “YOU are going to charge your fitbit and I am going to start running in the mornings. I don’t care if you don’t like the fitbit anymore. We are going to challenge each other and we are going to get healthy. This is happening. ”


She needs me chasing down her butt. The truth is, I need it too. See, I am struggling. I have reached a weight that I don’t absolutely hate. A weight I never dreamed I would be at… and I have become complacent in it.

I don’t love this body, I just don’t despise it. I can pull off some pretty cute outfits now. My pictures don’t make me balk… okay plenty still do, but I am getting there.

I just don’t have the same drive to lose the weight that I had at 272. Even with the wedding growing ever closer (AAAAAH).

SO, Andrea, I accept your challenge. Lets do this. I need to get back on track. I want to love my body on my wedding day. I want to love my face. So… lets do it girl.